Hills Community Toy Library .

Welcome to the Hills Community Toy Library Inc (HCTL)

The Toy Library is snuggled up in the Hills village of Aldgate. It started in 1979 and became an incorporated body in 1991. It is run totally by a volunteer management committee and volunteer members during opening times.


‘Play and play with toys and other children, is the mechanism underlying the acquisition of their basic skills, brain development, especially the enrichment of synaptic connections, which is very rapid during the first six years of life and is very important for children’s development.’

Quote from James J. Heckman

The Hills Community Toy Library... Your local Toy Library  

It carries a very large range of excellent toys and games, catering for children from six months to seven years. There is a wide selection of games that older children, up to ten, love to use. The toys are selected to provide new challenges and experiences. Toys are continually updated, so every visit to the Toy Library can provide the children with new toys they may not have played with or seen before.


ABN 22 030 580 836


Last Updated: 21st June 2013